Rajasthan: Man Kills Aunt Cuts Body Into Pieces And Dumping Them In A Remote Area

Rajasthan: Man Kills Aunt Cuts Body Into Pieces And Dumping Them In A Remote Area

Jaipur/New Delhi: A 32-year-old man killed his aunt, and chopped up her body into 10 pieces before dumping them in a remote area in Rajasthan's Jaipur, the police have said.

      Anuj lived in Jaipur's Vidhyadhar Nagar with his father, sister, and his aunt Saroj- who had been staying with them after her husband's death. Arun's mother died last year of COVID-19.

      On December 11, Arun and Saroj were alone at home as his father and sister had gone to Indore. Arun wanted to go to Delhi, but Saroj stopped him which led to an argument. In a fit of rage, he hit her on the head with a hammer while she was making tea, police said:
He then cut up her body into pieces with a marble cutter and dumped them in a remote area along the Jaipur-Sikar Highway.

      Anuj had carried the body parts in a bucket and a suitcase, officials said, adding that he later filed a missing complaint and also started looking for her along with other relatives to mislead police.

      During the investigation, police found that his statements were misleading. In CCTV footage, he was seen leaving his house with a suitcase and a bucket

      On being confronted, he confessed to having murdered his aunt by hitting on her head with a hammer, police said.
The killer is intelligent and educated. He appears to have psychopathic tendencies. The police suspected him as he filed a missing complaint, but CCTV footage did not show the aunt leaving the house, in fact, the CCTV showed him carrying a bucket and a suitcase out of the house," said Anand Srivastav, Police Commissioner, Jaipur. "We also found blood stains in the kitchen," Mr. Srivastav said. 

      Police said the man showed no remorse for killing her 64-year-old widowed aunt in a brutal manner and chopping up her body into 10 pieces. A case has been registered against Anuj for murder and destruction of evidence.

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