Hijab-clad students denied entry to classroom in Karnataka

Hijab-clad students denied entry to classroom in Karnataka

UDUPI: Six Muslim girl students of Women’s Government PU College in the town have accused the principal of not allowing them to wear ‘Hijab’ (headscarf) in the classes.

      The girls boycotted the classes and stood outside the classroom for three days in protest. They complained to the media.

      "Our parents also came to negotiate with principal Rudra Gauda, but he is not ready to talk to them. He is insisting that headscarf is not allowed inside the class. We are also told not to talk in Urdu and Beary languages," said Hazra from Udyavara, a student. 

      The students said they are not being given attendance for the last three days and feared that they might face an attendance shortage.

      Meanwhile, police intervened and tried to pacify the students and told them to follow the rules of the college.

      Activist Ansar Ahmed said that the college denying entry to students into the classroom for wearing hijab is not acceptable. "The educational institutions, which should teach the students the right path, is engaging in this type of controversy. This is not right" he said.

      "If the six girl students are not allowed to attend classes, we will stage a protest against these 'fascists'," Udupi SDPI president Nazeer Ahmed warned.

      DDPU of Udupi district Maruthi said he has received a complaint from students and spoke to the principal Rudra Gauda. He (principal) said he would hold a meeting with the parents and make a decision if students with headscarves will be allowed in the class.

Hijab-clad students denied entry to classroom in Karnataka

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